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Review: Simon’s Place, Georges St Arcade

simonsWhen I was old enough to explore Dublin city alone, and my palate began to reject McDonald’s/ Burger King, Simon’s Place was the first coffee shop I discovered.

This cafe and its owner Simon – who you’ll usually find behind the counter washing the dishes – have been a regular fixture at George’s Street Arcade for what now seems like eons. Simon’s is a really well-laid out, thoughtful space with big, communal tables giving it the feel of a community hub.

They’ve always got a good selection of magazines and newspapers, while the walls are covered with posters for upcoming gigs, events, and workshops. I love to sit by the window and watch the crowds pass by, but if you want a bit more seclusion, downstairs is a lovely place to while away a few hours with a good book or a few friends.

menu-simonsThe menu seldom changes, but Simon still serves the best sandwiches in Dublin. Freshly made on the premises every day, they are wrapped in cling film like in a school lunchbox. Simple, uncomplicated ingredients including ham, cheddar, chicken, tuna, egg, and prawn come sandwiched between soft brown bread with a perfectly crusty edge. At €3.90-4.20, however, they seem a little pricy.

Another reliable fixture on the menu is “General Vegetable Soup” at €3.20. Salads include potato, pasta, waldorf, and roasted veg: a half-portion costs €2.20, while a plate of three is a reasonable €5.90.

For dessert, the cinnamon buns are hugely popular and tend to fly out the door by lunchtime. If you miss them, the carrot cake at €2.20 is moist and reliable, while a mug of coffee has recently fallen in price from €2.30 to €2.


  1. I always went to Panem for breakfast or a lunchtime snack. I’ve not been to Dublin for a couple of years, so wonder how Panem is these days.

  2. ah yea not bad…

  3. bargain! plus papers. Sounds like a lovely hideaway. Thanks for the share x