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Takeaway Review: Let’s Eat In

lets-eat-inEverything about Let’s Eat In seems wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

For a start, this takeaway serves Chinese, Indian, Thai and Italian food. From experience, that kind of mixed “international cuisine” usually sends me running.

Secondly, something as basic as rice or noodles costs extra. These are normally included in the price of most takeaway meals, so this seems notoriously scabby.

But appearances can be deceiving, and Let’s Eat In consistently defies my expectations. I popped in to their Shankill branch last Friday on the way back to my Wicklow home, and I remembered why I really like the food here.

phone-lets-eat-inIt’s actually really good value because all the dishes, including the rice,  have more than enough to feed two people – and I’m embarrassingly greedy. I don’t know why Let’s Eat In don’t try to sell their meals as meals for two because, with rice, that is what they are.

I got the Chickpea Chana Masala from their Indian menu, which come in a tomato sauce with fenugreek, fennel, tamarind and coriander. The individual flavours really come through despite the spiciness of this dish. I also couldn’t resist the gorgeous Garlic and Coriander Naan bread, which was oh-so-fresh and lovely. Too much for one so I shared it with my partner. There was still too much.

indian-lets-eat-inOn previous visits I’ve had their Thai curries which range in price from €7.75 to €9.25, and I’m a big fan of their Szechwan Chicken. They’re all lovely, but their Indian food excels: I reckon it’s as good as Bombay Pantry, which is high praise indeed. Never tried the Italian food at Let’s Eat In.

This takeaway is run by the man behind the great Shalimar restaurant, which he closed down a few years ago to focus on the takeaway business. Let’s Eat In has branches in Blanchardstown, Sandyford, and Shankill. They’re currently running a “Great Meal Deal” offer: a main course (mostly chicken) from a set menu with steamed rice and a drink for €9.95. It’s an ok deal, with the average savings between €1-2.

I’ll end on a slightly sour note: despite my great experiences here, I’ve heard many complaints – waiting ages for delivery, food arriving cold, not being up to scratch etc. Have you tried Let’s Eat In? Do you like it?


  1. I used to ADORE Shalimar – they had the best value lunch menu. I hope he opens many more branches – the delivery areas don’t cover me!

  2. I regularly order takeaway from Let’s Eat In in Shankill. Since I live in the area I can arrange to collect it which cuts down on delivery costs. The portions are pretty generous. Usually there’s enough for dinner and some left over for lunch the next day. The selection of Chinese, Thai and Indian food is good though they have modified the menus somewhat recently.

    The Great Meal Deal is good value but restrictive if you don’t like chicken. There are not enough vegetarian options on the Chinese and Thai menus, though the Indian menu is better in this regard. In general I think it is reasonably priced for the amount of food you get and the standard is pretty high.

  3. We have had many experiences with lets eat in. They have all been good and definitely restaurant quality and not too expensive for the quality. Keep up the good work.

  4. I regularly order from Blanchardstown and the standard is very high. If the order has anything missing, they always try to rectify and usually give me a discount on the next order. I have never had a dish I didn’t like!

  5. I have been using Lets Eat In Sandyford for some time now and it just seems the level of service and there ability to deliver what you have ordered is completely hit and miss. But today they have hit a new low I ordered my food through their website at 9:30pm as usual no sign of it for over an hour so i call at 10:40pm to find there closed with outstanding orders. At this stage i decide to call another one of their branches eventually they track down the manager who calls me back and questions whether or not i still have my confirmation email once i confirm i do he tells me there website doesn’t work all the time and basically tough!

  6. Food is very good, however the delivery drivers are rude, argumentive and can never seem to find my place. If I am charged delivery, I expect it to my door, not to have to walk 5 floors and outside in the rain.

    I am going to stop ordering from them at this rate.