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Tesco launch their own dinner for two

tesco-dinner-for-twoHow times have changed, and how quickly. This time last year, who would have imagined that M&S would be driving forward competition in the Irish grocery market?

M&S’s dinner for two offer has really struck a chord with Irish shoppers. It’s a sign of how well the company have responded to the recession that Dunnes have launched their own dinner for two for €10 and Superquinn have started a meal deal for four people at €9.

Belatedly, Tesco have got in on the action. They’ve very wisely chosen to sell Tesco Finest meals rather than Tesco Value. For €11.50 you can pick up a main, side, dessert, and wine or orange juice for two people. The mains selection today included Spinach and Ricotta Filo Parcels, Chicken Chasseuer or Steak Dianne. Sides were chunky chips, cheddar mash, or oven baked potatoes with smoked bacon. Dessert choice was chocolate eclairs or lemon tarts.

They were offering free samples. In fairness, it was quite nice: the Steak Diane was really rich and full of flavour, while even the cheap white wine wasn’t bad. Will you be trying it out?


  1. I tried it there on Wednesday. Wasn’t blown away. Think the saving is only €7. I much prefer the Marks one. Sorry tesco.

  2. tesco finest stuff is usually pretty good, but its not a very big selection in comparison with the M&S offer (which is one again today afaik) – what if you don’t want potatoes?

  3. It’s not bad, but it’s let down by the wine on offer. There’s nothing wrong with the wine, but it just doesn’t offer the savings that M&S wines do.

  4. Not very good when compared to M&S
    M&S quality beats them all
    If you want quality at a fair price M&S is your answer
    The food on offer for mothers day (meal for 4) Euro20
    was fantastic value, i got 2 Roast beef and saved 27 Euro .Another person i know got the salmon and told me it was fantastic
    I think the meal for 2 is on this week so i will be there tomorrow for next weeks meals

  5. The m&s is by far the best. It was on today but when I got to the one on grafton st, by 6pm EVERYTHING was gone.

    I’ll give the tesco one a try over the weekend. Anyone tried the dunnes or superquinn ones? What’s included?

  6. i tried to get this offer yesterday evening but all the desserts were sold out and they wouldn’t let us substitute an extra side or anything…so just bought their cheddar mash and tesco finest garlic and basil sausages, gorgeous and lazy bangers and mash!

  7. Sadly I have been to three different Tescos and NONE of them (Tipperary, Cashel or Clomnel) offer the meal deals or even had a clue what I was talking about as I stood there with my printed ad. Sounds like opinion is mixed on if I am missing out on anything by annoying they splash ads everywhere yet dont offer it in entire regions of stores.

  8. i work for tesco we messed up really under estimatedthe demand will take this feed back sounds like a real demand for it but needs to be better thanks

  9. the tesco finest spinach and ricotta filo parcels have ceased to be sold in tesco why is that they were absolutely beautiful why is it when you find a certain product that you love and start to buy on a regular basis does it always seem to disappear from the shelves it is really a shame to be honest i am now shoppin around to see if anywhere else sells a similar product but i am sure even if i find somewhere they still wont be the same so message to tesco bring back the parcels they were always flying off the shelf so why take them away lol