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Tesco’s Mysterious Labryinth of Offers

tescoirelandSome new offers at Tesco, valid until Sunday April 5:

  • Half price Petits Filous 12 x 60g – reduced from €4.05 to €2.02
  • Comfort Concentrate Conditioner – reduced from €9 to €4.99
  • Small Easter Egg range – buy 3 for €4

There’s also half-price Pampers Giga Packs until Wednesday April 2 only, and buy one get free Ballygowan, from what I can tell, until the end of today (Tuesday).

The giant list of terms and conditions on their promotional webpage– which contains more details on these offers – are frankly ridiculous. Some of the offers expire today, some tomorrow, some the day before yesterday, and some next week. If any CheapEats readers can honestly figure it all out in less than the 30 seconds worth spending on the task, let us know.

A simple, less misleading, and user-friendly solution for Tesco: a leaflet with different sections for different offer expiry dates.


  1. Have you ever noticed that when an item is on special offer, it’s always missing from the shelves? Then, it miraculously reappears after the promotion ends. I guess Tesco is covered by the mention “while stocks last”. For instance, I went to buy some Color Catcher sheets which were reduced by 33% for 2 weeks. They weren’t available at all during these 2 weeks, but were back on the shelves as soon as the price was back to normal….

  2. At least you know with Lidl / Aldi to get in quick if you really want something speciial. Tesco just manipulate everyone all the time -( Tesco hint – look for their ‘out of date’ stuff buried on a shelf. Sometimes you can get 50% off their ‘Finest’ range if you’re quick ! )