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Special Offer in Soho

soho-logoSoHo on George’s St has a special offer at the moment: buy one main course, get one free.  I was in two minds about whether to post this offer, as I was part of a pretty bad group experience in SoHo before Christmas.  Also they’re owned by the same people who run Brasserie 66, which has been identified here before as something of a swizz.  But then I decided to post it anyway, as I’m curious to see what our lovely readers think of SoHo.

Here’s a quick rundown of the rubbish meal we had there last December. It was a group of about eight ladies having a pre-Christmas lunch.

  • My Caesar Salad starter came with the precooked chopped chicken that you buy in packets.
  • Fiona’s Macaroni and Cheese turned out to be a plate of very overboiled pasta, covered in grated, melted cheese.  Thinking of Fiona’s face as she struggled to explain to the waitress why this was Very Wrong still makes me laugh.
  • Geordie Sue ordered a Fish Pie (€18) which came in a tiny portion in one of those oval pie dishes, with no sides of any kind.  It looked like the (extremely bad) food that the UCD canteen served when I was in college.  She asked the waitress very politely if there shouldn’t be a salad of some kind with it, and a few minutes later the front of house manager charged over and rudely asked what our problem was, scaring us all quite a bit.  In her defence, she was  heavily pregnant, but still.

I had a burger for my main which was perfectly fine, so I don’t think SoHo is all bad, but I’m loath to return there for obvious reasons.  Anyone have any reports from SoHo?


  1. I had that mac and cheese too. No cheese sauce or mac, in fact, penne and grated cheese. WRONG.

  2. I have eatin there once and I never will again. I had the steak, and it was the most bland piece of meat I have ever had, along with extreemly dry. And if the sauce that came with it was ‘home-made’ I’m a monkey’s uncle!

  3. I was there in its former guise of Corner House Grill. Both experiences were especially henious.

    please put this restaurant in the corner permanently.

  4. I had an early lunch there one day after it had just opened and thought it was quite nice. That was back in November though. Here’s the link to my review