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Farmers Take to the Streets

cowDairy farmers across the country are up in arms over Glanbia’s decision to cut the price it pays farmers for milk.

The massive multinational food company, which produces both the Avonmore and Premier Dairies brands, now pays 20c a litre to farmers for their milk.

Yesterday, 2000 farmers and their families took to the streets in Waterford and Kilkenny to protest against the cuts. The farmers claim that they are losing 7c on every litre – that’s €18,000 per year – and that they cannot continue producing milk at a loss. Richard Kennedy of the Irish Farmers Association Dairy Committee says that is reasonable to ask the corporate giant to share some of the financial pain rather than leave farmers on the brink of financial ruin. They say they will soon be unable to provide Glanbia with milk.

Glanbia says that world dairy markets are currently weak and volatile and that it must reduce its costs.According to RTE Farm News, Glanbia paid  out €134m to corporate shareholders.

Meanwhile, over the years, Tesco, Dunnes and other supermarkets have driven down milk prices – but the farmers say that they’re driving them out of earning a living.

Being honest, do you support the farmers, or are they a load of whingers? We all want cheaper food – but is it coming at someone else’s expense?


  1. I buy organic milk and yogurts and I certainly wouldn’t mind paying the full price directly to the farmer if I could find one close. I would even reuse the bottles to reduce the waste. However, I have no sympathy for farmers who do intensive farming

  2. I grew up on a small dairy farm drinking milk straight from the cow. The dairy company is the only purchaser for your milk, so you are held captive by them.
    When we stopped farming, we bought our milk from one of our neighbours instead.

  3. If we don’t support the food producers – we will end up eating and drinking totally processed long life and cheap food….not my idea of a good diet. We need to back up the farmers, not only for their livlihood etc – but in order to guarantee the quality of our own foods in the future.