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Half Price Wines at Tesco

tescoirelandAs part of Tesco’s wine festival, there’s up to half-price on many wines this week. Also at Tesco:

  • Half-price Irish boneless pork chops – reduced from €9.49 per kg to €4.74 per kg
  • Half-price Kids Funsize Pears – reduced from €2.79 to €1.39
  • Half-price selected Nestle cereals (Golden Nuggests, Shredded Wheat, Cheerios)

For more details on their special offers, click here. I wonder if the half-price wine is an attempt to stem the mass exodus in search of cheap booze across the border?


  1. Don’t be fooled by the ‘half price wines’ offer in tesco. Most of these wines are never meant to be sold at their full price and even at ‘half price’ these wines are really struggling for any value.

    These ‘offers’ are built with headlines in mind and do nothing for consumers, who (in my mind anyway) would be much better off heading into their independant retailer looking for wine! You’d be surprised the quality you would get after a little chat with your local wine retailer, for exactly the same price as your tesco ‘half price’ offer!

  2. Good advice from Will at the Irish Wine Contemplations blog. I never found the selection of wine at Tesco any good.

  3. Most of their half price wines are bad value, anyway. But in fairness, their “Finest” Chenin Blanc, reduced to 8.49 euros is very enjoyable.

  4. In fairness, Oyster Bay reduced to 9.69 is a bargain.