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Good and Bad Value at Londis Sandyford

londisMy eagle-eyed, bargain hunting super-Dad has spotted both good and bad value at Griffin’s Londis in the Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin.

Dad often heads to the shop’s deli for his lunch – they do a weekly special baguette for between €1.77-€1.90, depending on the ingredients. For €2.50 you can get the baguette with potato wedges: last week it was a BLT and this week it’s a hot chicken roll. The roll comes with lettuce and tomato but when Dad asked to omit the lettuce and tomato and replace it with a shred of coleslaw, he was charged an extra 50c.

But what really got his goat is that the salad containers have been reduced in size while the price has remained the same. He feels the salad used to represent great value: a small salad and a roll was €2.50, a medium was €3.50 and a large was €4.50. He thinks that some of the containers may have fallen in size by 50%.

So, as prices elsewhere tumble, what gives with the effective price rise at this branch of Londis?


  1. I agree – i go here for the cheap rolls myself, but they are now using far far smaller boxes. Rip off ireland indeed!!!

    Disgrace! I mean fair enough if they had no other boxes that they WERE using, but come on! No reason, just a change over night!

  2. Hi there
    Don’t mean to be a pain but would have to disagree re salad boxes. Have been going to these shops in Sandyford since June 05 and salad boxes haven’t changed since then….as a regular salad eater I would notice! My only gripe is that they have no veggie options on their weekly madness offers. Will keep an eye out for any size changes mind you as I am a great one for complaining. Certainly for me they are defo the best option in the dump that is S’ford Ind Estate.
    ps re the coleslaw, in fairness to them – it doesn’y say substitues available – again, tho, why no veggie option!!!?!?!

  3. This shop is a total an utter rip off, a roll with two sausages on it cost 4 euro and u can have a free can of coke!! Who comes up with this rubbish idea!! Total rip off!! The super valu in ballaly charges 2.20 for the same roll with 4 sausages and dunnes is 2.70!! The hot food in deli in londis is awful the eggs look radio active! Avoid this shop at all costs!!!