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Aldi’s new Super6 for May

super6-aldiAldi have changed their monthly Super6 offer: you can now pick up a different range of fruit and veg for the unbelievably good price of 49c.  This time it’s celery (blerg), oranges, cucumber, onions, scallions and salad potatoes.

I think this is tremendous value, but our reader Cathleen mailed in to point out that the UK offer is both better and cheaper:

Saw an ad on a UK channel showing Aldi’s super 6 for this month – for 49p you get either a butternut squash, a mango, a pack of baby plum tomatoes, a triple pack of courgettes, a pack of satsumas or a mix pack of 3 lemons and 2 limes. I assumed (incorrectly) that the same deal would be available in Ireland but for maybe 69c as has been the recent pricing in Aldi. However, I was disappointed to note that instead for 49c you get onions, or scallions, or salad potatoes, or celery or cucumber or oranges. While these are great prices for the foods in question they are not exactly on a par with the UK offer. No wonder so many are heading off over the border to shop.

I definitely think mangos and butternut squashes are more enticing than celery and scallions, but then again, I think Aldi are still offering us great value, allowing for the higher costs of operating in the Republic. What do you think?


  1. i thought the very same as cathleen … and i am still hoping that perhaps we are just a week/month behind and that we’ll have butternut and mangoes next time … stay optimistic 🙂

  2. I’d prefer if they changed every 2 weeks, a month is a long time of celery…

  3. After having my eyes forced open by the new Tesco policy, I will never again complain that we dont have the same products in the south as are available in the north.