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CheapEats on TV3’s ireland am

Peter is due on TV3’s ireland am tomorrow morning to talk about setting up CheapEats and our Classifieds service. He”ll be appearing in a slot about new businesses during the recession. Apparantly the slot is at 8.15am if any of you fancy a TV breakfast along with the lovely Peter.


  1. I just saw you on TV3. Well done and good luck with your site.

  2. Just after watching the new business section well done everyone, promise and prosperity is still alive.Nice to see old style rather than clinical in Cup Cakes
    Well done
    Jan Pawelczyk

  3. I was very impressed with Peter on TV3 this morning, I had never heard of the site before but I am enjoying looking through it.
    Well done
    Ber Gleeson

  4. Hi just learned about your site this morning on TV3. Great site you have really enjoying looking at it I shall be saving it to my favourites.