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Frugal Friday: Your Top Frugal Cooking Tips

LeftoversA few weeks ago, CheapEats’ lovely readers shared their top frugal cooking tips. Over the next few Fridays, we’re reprinting a selection of some of the most useful, starting today with advice on leftovers:

From Fiona:

Scoop leftover creamed potatoes onto a tray and open freeze, then pop into a freezer bag. You can always grab a few scoops, zap in microwave, lash on a chop/fishfinger/sausages and a tin of peas/beans and voila – dinner for kids in a few mins.

From Joanne:

Whenever there is a bottle of wine open in our house, I always fill 2 or 3 slots in the ice cube tray with wine. Very handy for stews or casseroles, just pop them into the dish while they are still frozen and they will melt while it’s cooking.

From Nanzolie:

Don’t throw parmesan rinds: use them to flavour a risotto (just throw them in, then fish them out before serving)

From Miriam:

My granny made “lucky bag pie “for us as children and we loved it, simply add some left over chopped ham or rashers, chopped scallions, grated cheese, a little butter , milk and seasoning to mashed potatoes and mix well, turn into a pie dish ,score with a fork and cook in the oven for 25 mins, serve with a runny egg, delicious! Any combination of left overs works well thus the name “lucky bag pie.”

From Aileen:

When buying fresh cream for cooking there is usually lots left over. Freeze the remainder in ice cube trays for the next time you need it for cooking.

From Joanne:

Have a ‘fridge night’ once a week, (or more often) where you make an effort to eat all the leftovers and odd things in the fridge. It means that you won’t be throwing out old food and it makes you get creative.

If any readers have more leftover food tips, please share them here!


  1. Love the lucky bag pie tip!!! Will try this one thanks Miriam

  2. Often after we go to the supermarket we always return and take the odds and sods from the veg cabinet and…

    1. make a big pot of soup.
    2. create a stir-fry (total or partial) and freeze

    Hate to throw good food.