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Reader’s Tip: Cheap Fruit and Veg in Dublin

Photo: Sue Jefferson

Photo: Sue Jefferson

Our reader Finn got in touch with this brilliant tip:

“There’s two small veg outlets open early morning to early afternoon at the corner of the Luas line and Capel Street (the town end of Smithfield along the Luas line), where you can get shockingly good value on fruit and veg.

Recently, I went there and got: lettuce, red onion, 3 lemons, 4 tomatoes, mangetout, cucumber, 3 kiwis. All for 2 euro. The price is never totted up and seems to depend on the vendor’s mood.

They’re both wholesalers and some of the stuff is very ripe, but you can find great, fresh produce for a fraction of what you pay in Tesco just down the way in Jervis.

Myself and friends find them great and think they deserve a shout out.”

I have passed these places approximately 15,000 times on the Luas, but always thought they were for bulk buying only. This tip could potentially change my life. Thanks Finn!


  1. These sellers are great value – but as the OP said, just be aware of the fact that a lot of the produce can be VERY ripe. But also very cheap.

    You can also walk into the fruit and veg market and buy from the retailers there. One seller on the western side of the market has great value on big bags of herbs.

  2. Moore Street is also good for veg (but not as good as that obvs!). You can get stuff like six small red peppers for a euro and a massive bag of mushrooms for E2. It kills me to go to the supermarket to pay double that for the same (but I do, quite often)

  3. thanks so much for the tip !

  4. I am thinking of opening a discount fruit/veg/meat/eggs store…..emphasis on top quality/lowest price…no frills ( ie like lidl or aldi…self service re use boxes
    Looking for suggestions on range of product location/s..possibly located in much cheeper than Dunnes/tescas etc would it need to be …..if you dont drive how would you get there or carry the stuff…its fairly heavy….
    Who is taget customer…male or female?…