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Special Offers at Tesco

tescoirelandOn special offer at Tesco this week:

  • Buy Tesco Fresh Irish Beef Burger (10 pack, 1135g) for €6 and get FREE Tesco Coleslaw (1kg) and Tesco Mixed Leaves Family Pack (300g)
  • Buy One Pepsi Max (2 litre) for €1.58, get one free
  • Cadbury Cones Twist 4 pack – half price – reduced from €4.49 to €2.24

Also at Tesco, they’re advertising long-term price cuts on Irish meat and poultry – click here for details.


  1. A kilo of coleslaw? Good grief.

  2. I love that statement on their website:

    Tesco spent €1.28 billion on Irish products and services in 2007
    The overall value of Tesco to the Irish economy is estimated at €2.5 billion
    We exported €655 million of Irish food to our international network in 2007
    Tesco Ireland’s sales of Irish food products have increased by 26% since 2004
    50% of our food range is Irish-produced
    Supporting the local economy and working with the Irish food and agricultural industry is a core value for Tesco Ireland. We are committed to sourcing local products where possible.

    And, best of all:

    Developing export opportunities for Irish food in Tesco Britain is another priority for Tesco Ireland.

    So, the reason for them replacing all Irish products by British ones in Irish shops is simply because they export all the Irish products to Britain!!!

  3. 1135g of beef (in burger format), along with a Kilo of Coleslaw and salad leaves for €6…. As my mother always said, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

    One simply has to question the quality and source of the beef that is being used in this ‘headline’ offer!

    Personally I think it’s a disgrace as it’s obviously a loss leader that can only hurt local butchers and probably peoples health too (once the quality of the meat is determined).

    I do shop in Tesco regularly for certain items, I make it a point NEVER to buy meat from them and to support local butchers instead.

  4. burgers and coleslaw .. two things that i could make very simply at home and would then KNOW what is gone into them ..
    not the type of offer than would entice me to shop there .. my NoTesco continues ..

  5. Agreed that Tesco is my least favourite supermarket for many of the reasons well expressed above.

    I do make an exception for cat litter…their own brand one is cheap and effective and as I have a 20 year old cat I get through a lot of it!