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Beshoff Bros’ Fish and Chips

beshoff brosWe’ve already definitively established that Burdock’s offers the best fish and chips in Ireland. Nay, the world. But last week, I was wanderin’ round Baggot Street with a growling tummy and only a few coins in my pocket, so I went in to Beshoff Bros on the Mespil Road.

For €6.95, I got a decent-sized box of Fresh Haddock and Chips. The fish was beautiful; a light, crispy, almost tempura-like batter that sizzled in a blaze of glory before melting in my mouth. It was also fresh, not lying in batter for a few days and then reheated in oil. The nice big chunky chips were neither too greasy nor too dry: noticeably crispy on the outside and fluffy and light inside.

This is an ok deal and a reasonably cheap eat. Fresh fish can cost anywhere from €4 in good value chippers to €6 in more expensive places, while chips are usually about €2.50. So, you can save a few bob and stop the belly rumbles with this offer. Beshoff Bros. also have Fish Cakes and Chips on the menu for €6.95, and I’d be curious to try them out next time.

Burdock’s remains the champion (right, readers?) but Beshoff Bros. is right up there with the best of the also- rans. I’d love to hear what you think, with the discussion ideally turning into a big fat scrap.


  1. I ate there yesterday myself and had the very same… and a carton of Caprisun… the last time I had a Caprisun, it must have been in my schoolbag with a ham sandwich! The only complaint I had was that there were no fizzy drinks available.

    Otherwise, I agree completely, the chips were nice and bright and crispy and the fish nice too… not too greasy.

  2. Fools the lot of you. Everyone knows the best fish and chips are in KCs Cork.

  3. Ah yes Claire, though I’m partial to Bartie’s in Ballyphehane. However, when you’re a Cork person living in Dublin, you have to make do elsewhere.

    Thanks for the review Peter, must try them out sometime.

  4. Kingfisher on Parnell Street foes better fish and chips than both Burdock’s and Beshoff Bros!!!

  5. @Claire KC’s chips are rubbish. the golden fry in ballinlough is much better.
    Now that im living in the pale, the chipper by the ashleaf shopping centre, whose name i can’t remember, is my spot for chips. They do awesome chips.
    As i don’t eat fish i cannot comment on their awesomeness or lack thereof, but both spots do good onion rings

  6. For shame to the Cork nay sayers!

    For me, the best chips are from the chipper on the south quays across from McAodhs.

  7. Place near Ashleaf is Borza, they also have a branch on Cromwellsfort Road, and have heard loads of people say that they’re the best chips in Dublin but it’d have to be Burdocks for me!

  8. Have eaten in Beshoffs both in O’Connell St and Howth.
    Agree with review.Beautiful smoked cod and excellent chips.They are just right not too greasy.the fish’s batter is a wonderous thing not too hard just right.

  9. I’ve now got a goo on me. Will have to run over to Mespil Road very soon. Beshoffs on Mespil Road is the best anywhere. Yum, yum

  10. Even I am from Slovakia, I can’t remember on great taste of Beshoff ‘s Fresh Cod 🙂 I am still dreaming about perfect match of tastes, salt and vinegar…garlic mayo. Mnamky mnam 😀

  11. Completely disagree with you on Leo Burdocks being the best. Being a Northsider I’ve only tried the one in town but I found it incredibly over priced and not even in the same league as the local shitbox chipper Gulio’s. Beshoff’s In howth (the original) is the best chipper in Dublin by a mile in my opinion all though it is quite expensive as well.