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Offers at Fresh and Itsabagel

itsabagel-sixPassing Itsabagel on Abbey Street yesterday, I saw that they are running a six euro special: any ‘signature’ bagel with a regular tea or coffee (including lattes and cappuccinos) or a bottled water.

Itsabagel make really good sandwiches with their tasty bagels, and they normally cost around €6, so you’re getting your hot drink for free with this offer.

Our friend and contributor Maria Crispy noticed an offer in the windows of Fresh:

I saw an offer in Fresh’s window for €10 off groceries when you spend €50 (which will probably bring them down to around the same price as Spar!).

Our readers have complained about Fresh here before for their high prices, but €10 off is pretty decent, and it’s good to see cash back instead of some freebie that you don’t really want or need.  This could be worth trying out if you shop carefully and buy stuff that’s on special offer.


  1. Fresh is generally a rip off but they often have some good offers. Last week the one in Smithfield was doing fillet steak for half price.

  2. Yes I’ve noticed they have brought down the price of basic things, like tea bags1.49, 4 pack toilet roll €1. Also, 6 pack of Corona is only €8.49 – great value. They have come down to earth a bit since last year. A lot of items are still very overpriced tho.

  3. chicken breasts are 99c today in Fresh (Camden St) which is pretty good too

  4. €8.49 for Corona is great…six packs are €11 in the (very many) off licenses in my area. I wonder if you could go to Fresh and avail of this offer while just buying shedloads of booze?

  5. 99c for chicken breasts? Dear god, that chicken never saw the daylight….