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Weekly Roundup

Weekly RoundupThis week, I returned from my holidays in Spain. Despite the rain, I’m actually quite glad to be back. Much as I love Spanish food, I missed having the amount of choice we get here. If I want Moroccan, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Turkish, or whatever, it’s reasonably easy to find a restaurant, or to get the ingredients I need myself. Spain and France have great food, but it’s all Spanish, or all French, all the time.

Anyway… what happened this week? Our readers recommedned Keskh on Leeson Street, I reviewed the Guggenheim Restaurant in Bilbao, and we debated the pros and cons of online grocery shopping. Also, Maria Crispy drank some vodka and mused on the price of drink, Heather Leeson of Positive Nutrition had some tips on getting the most from your berries, and we compared concentrated and non-concentrated juices.

So, the holiday is over for both Jean and I, and we’ll be back next week with more bargains and special offers, some recipes, and whatever else tickles our fancy. Have a great weekend!

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