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Special Offers at Tesco

Tesco's "Screw the Children's Charity" campaign continues

Special offers at Tesco this week include:

  • Carlsberg 15 x 440ml cans – €15
  • Strawberries, Melons, and New Season Potatoes – all reduced by 33%
  • Take Out Eat In Pizza, Pepperoni (309g) and Cheese and Tomato (207g), €4.50 each – Buy One Get One Free

These offers are valid until Sunday August 23. Click here for more details.

The charmers at Tesco have had the half-decency to tag on a note to the small print: “Tesco Change for Good is not affiliated with Unicef’s Change for Good campaign.” Tesco’s cost-cutting campaign spreads today to all of Co. Cork.

My sister reckons my dislike of Tesco is completely misplaced. She says that they are much cheaper than Dunnes and that the selection of produce – particularly in the massive Dundrum branch – is bigger than anywhere else. What do you think?


  1. I cant speak for Dublin, but I find in Cork that Dunnes is the best value, despite them using Cork as a guinea pig for their border county pricing policy in the south.

    If your sister doesn’t mind being ripped off because of where she lives, then good on her.

  2. PS, I see Tesco are sneaking in even more British brands with the Carlsberg Export offer. Well done them.

  3. Great value in toiletries at the moment aswell

  4. I shop in Dunnes and Tesco, and I must say that on the brands I’m used to buying, Tesco has become much cheaper. There is a huge difference on baby food, Irish or not. Don’t be fooled by Dunnes “Irish” claims. Most of their items are the same as Tesco’s and are not necessarily Irish. Their fruits and vegs are a mixed bunch, potatoes from Israel anyone?

  5. I’ve always found Dunnes more expensive than Tescos. When my partner and I decided to boycott Tescos awhile back, the switch to Dunnes was painful. Luckily, we’ve learned how to shop at the German stores and Moore St.

  6. Its not their policy towards Irish brands per se that has me hell bent against Tesco, it’s the fact that they are homogenising the Irish market so that we are a little Britain outpost. As I have said before, the Douglas new Tesco Extra store stock resembles that of any British branch with items such as pease pudding, Carlsberg Export, and my personal favorite, Tesco British Cuisine Beef Dinner in the freezer aisle.

    Yes, Dunnes stock Isreali spuds, but they also stock Irish ones; there is a choice.

  7. I Find Dunnes Cheaper than Tesco on all the brand names. Their meat is better value and also the Vegtables. The Only thing Tesco is good for is giving the Centre Aisle Shelf Ends a Look to see whats on offer.
    After that it’s straight to the door…

  8. Well said, Claire.

    Tescos increasing selection of English goods makes it more like shopping in Durham than Dublin.
    Pasties et al are not traditional fare over here, no matter how much profit Tescos make on them.
    Food shopping in Ireland should feel like it.