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Specials at Aldi

AldiThere’s a load of Greek food specials this Thursday at Aldi, including:

  • Greek Antipasti (160g drained weight) – choose from Stuffed Red Peppers, Greek Salad, Green Olives with Cheese, or Dried Tomatoes – €1.79
  • Greek Stuffed Olives (200g drained weight) – €1.59
  • Greek Olive Oil (750ml) – €4.99

These look very good indeed, and I hope to sample some of them out if I’m near an Aldi. Let us know if you try them out! Click here to see these and other Aldi Thursday specials.

No more fancy food, but special buys for Sunday August 23 include:

  • General Purpose Bucket – €1.49
  • Bulldozer Broom – €11.9 each
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker – €44.99

Click here to see all Sunday’s specials.


  1. Pressure cookers! God that takes me back to when my mothers one exploded all over the kitchen.

  2. But the simplicity! Throw is some veg and some meat, forget about it and hey presto dinners ready