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Special Offers at Asda

logo_asda-141120071Details of special offers and “price rollbacks” at Asda are available here. You’ll find non-grocery items in Asda’s Daily Deal -items like CDs, furniture, and luggage – here.

We’ve been linking to Asda and Sainsbury’s specials for a few months now, mostly for the benefit of our readers in Northern Ireland and those in border areas who choose to shop there. Last week, our reader John quite fairly pointed out that Asda, a wholly-owned subsidiary of US hyper-corporation Wal-Mart – just like Tesco – are no angels when it comes to their dealings with producers. Indeed, Wal-Mart, with its aggressive strategy of smashing local business, makes Tesco look like your fairy godmother.

Asda don’t focus on promoting special offers. Instead, with their Rollback campaign, they claim to continually lower prices. This vitriolic article from UK shopping website, suggests that the bells and whistles accompanying their price “Rollbacks” are quite unlike the limp fart that nobody hears when those prices “roll forward” a few months later.

But I’m talking through my hat: never been to Asda. What do those of you who’ve shopped there think? Is it cheaper than Sainsbury’s and Tesco UK (or for that matter, Dunnes Stores UK and SuperValu NI)? And how do you think they treat local communities?

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