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Septemberfest: Free Booze in the Sun! Woohoo!

summerfest2009_logoMan oh man, September is where it’s at. You can always count on sunshine just as we’re reluctantly settling back into the office. Let’s move the summer holidays – a month off in marvellous May and a month off in splendid September would be preferable to an eternity of miserable, soggy summers.

With the sun due to shine all weekend, I can’t think of anywhere better to be than Septemberfest, a free entry booze-up in the Phoenix Park. Now in its second year, Septemberfest showcases the best of independent micro-breweries, distillers, cider makers, and liqueur distillers from around Ireland. You’ll find tastes and products on offer alongside musical and family entertainment, talks on how to match beer with food, and a whole host of artisan food producers.

Did I mention the event has free entry? The festival will be Saturday September 12 and Saturday September 13 from 11am to 6.30pm. Read more about it here. See you there!


  1. They close the gates to this at 5.45 p.m. There was a lot of annoyed people being turned away at 6 pm last year. So it’s wise to be there in good time.

  2. Queues were really long; we queued for an hour to get some food: a hot dog, minus a bun, because they’d run out. Queues for drinks weren’t much better. Very badly organised. Won’t be going next year.

  3. Such a disaster! The queues were ridculously long for everything. In the end we didn’t even bother with food. Stood in the swealtering heat of the beer tent for nearly an hour to buy some half pints of beer. In all fairness the chocolate stout was lovely – thanks for the tip. But where was the ‘free’ in this event? No free tasters or samples. The weather really brought the crowds out – maybe they weren’t expected so many people. But they said they were aiming for more than 5000 to show up. I’d never go back again.

  4. There was nothing free about this event apart from entry and the entertainment was poor. Did buy some nice cheese though, and sat around in the sun for the afternoon, so fun times were had!

  5. Sorry folks, feel a bit bad now. It sounded like a good event and I assumed there’d be some free samples to go along with the free entry. I didn’t make it along myself. Careful visits to selected stalls usually ensures a few freebies – it’s surprising that this doesn’t seem to be the case.

  6. There was nothing free last year either except the entry and the entertainment. Although at least last year it was raining which meant a small crowd so we had easy access to everything and managed to get to pretty much every stall easily. Pity it was such a disaster yesterday, a few nice beers in the sun sounded really tempting.

  7. I thought it was a really nice day out, Farmleigh is beautiful, the weather was amazing and it was free entry. To expect free food and drink is a little much in my opinion.
    At Taste of Dublin and Bloom there are free samples but the entrance free is between €15 and €25 if I remember correctly.
    I think BordBia are trying finally to promote Irish producers within Ireland and making it accessible to all.