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Review: Sunday Brunch at Taste Cafe, South William St.

Taste CafeLife in the country was all about the Sunday roast, either calling up to my parents or having one at home with friends. Now that I’m in the city I’m keen to try more Sunday brunches.

A few Sundays ago, feeling very tired and hungover, myself and Snackbox walked down to Taste Cafe on Stephen’s Green for brunch. We wanted something half-way between breakfast and lunch, and something hearty and satisfying as we half-chatted, half pored through the Sunday papers.

My choice – a Potato Rosti with bacon, sausage, and relish – hit the spot perfectly. The sausages were great, with just the right amount of herbs, and the rasher was top quality. The rosti was a lovely change from bread or hash browns, and it all went so well with the fresh, sweet, and smooth tomato relish. For the neat price of just €6.95, this was excellent value.

Snackbox didn’t fare so well, although I did warn him that ordering a Club Sandwich was probably a bad idea. This chicken, the bread, and the overall meal was ok – he ate it – but too dry by far. In particular, the bread was stodgy and tasteless.

Two freshly squeezed orange juices were very good indeed: sweet, tangy, large, cold and fresh. We spent at least an hour there, and service was friendly and efficient. Given how enjoyable the rest of the dining experience was, I’ll happily forgive them the Club Sandwich and try something else next time.

The Damage:

  • Rosti with 2 sausages, 2 rashers, and tomato relish – €6.95
  • Club sandwich with side salad – €9.95
  • 2 fresh orange juices – €7
  • 1 Zywiec beer – €5.50
  • Total before tip: €29.40

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