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Special Offers at Aldi

AldiViva Espana! Aldi’s specials for Thursday September 17 include:

  • Bonito del Norte Tuna Fillets – €2.99 each
  • Tapas Bowls – €6.99 per set
  • Paella Kit – €8.99

Sorry folks, but Aldi’s website is stuck on last Sunday’s specials today, so I can’t include details of what’s coming up. Check Aldi’s site again later.

And don’t forget to check out the current Super6 offer here.


  1. Peter, not sure the super 6 is correct?

  2. I’m not sure either. This looks suspiciously like the old set of Super6 offers. The Aldi website seems to be playing up today. Approach with caution.

  3. tomatoes 6pk 59c
    oranges 1.5 kg 99c
    peppers 3pk 99c
    punnet of pears 79c
    12 red apples 99c
    carrots/parsnips 500g tray 49c