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Weekly Roundup: Big Changes at CheapEats

Weekly RoundupRercy’s short series on Lebanese food has inspired me to cook up more of this cheap, accessible, and easy food – more to come. Also this week, we reviewed Saba To Go‘s new midweek special, had brunch in Taste on South William Street and lunch in Goosers in Killaloe, said goodbye to Keith Floyd with a delicious trout recipe, and learned how to joint a chicken.

It sounds busy, but some of you may have noticed that we’ve actually had a relatively quiet few weeks here on CheapEats (hey, everyone needs a holiday). That’s all about to change. You’ll notice a new feel on CheapEats in the coming months as we bring new voices and new writers to the site and get back to basics.

We’d really appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism on the site so we can make it better for you. What do you like? What are we missing and what would you like to see more (or less) of?

See you next week, enjoy the weekend!

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