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Special Offers at Tesco

tescoirelandThis week, Tesco have Buy One, Get One Free offers on:

  • Raspberries and strawberries, from €4-€5 per punnet
  • Pantene shampoo
  • Primafresco pizzas, pepperoni or margherita

Eagle Hawk Chardonnay or Merlot is €5, and you can get two packs of Lyon’s Tea (80 teabags) for €4.20.

Bourbon creams for 99c are trumpeted on the shop homepage – “delicious with a nice cup of tea”, apparently. I would say they are flavourless excuses for biscuits myself, but their enduring presence on our shelves would suggest that I’m alone in that opinion.

See more of Tesco’s offers on their website.


  1. Forget Tesco’s deal on shampoo. Here a way to save oodles of money. Buy a shampoo dispenser for the bathroom. They come in two or three unit items (shampoo; conditioner and bath goo). Mine uses adhesive and has given zero problems for 2 years. Then get the shampoo in a hairdresser supplier (a gallon for €10 – I joke you not) and top up the dispenser as necessary. You did not really think that the hairdressers used the display brands!!!!!!!!!

  2. That’s an excellent idea but where do the hairdressers get their supplies and is it open to the public?

  3. the majority of hairdressers suppliers will not sell to the public (my sis is one!) so if you know someone who is ask them to get it for u!!!

  4. there is a shop on drury street in dublin which sells to the public it’s brilliant

  5. Salon Services in Drury St or there’s another one in Abbey St called Terrysales.