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Price Comparison Websites in the Irish Times

Irish TimesIf you’re interested in price comparison websites, there’s a great article by Pricewatch’s Conor Pope in today’s Irish Times.

Pope reports that that the National Consumer Agency has written to the big retailers about establishing a grocery database containing real-time information that consumer could use to make price comparisons. The project is still “very much on the cards”.

Also in the piece, we’re chuffed to see CheapEats get another mention from Ireland’s consumer king:

One of the most popular and well regarded sites with an interest in prices is Cheap Eats (, an informal and friendly blog that offers readers recipes and cooking tips as well as pointing out the bargains on offer in various retailers.

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One Comment

  1. Good for you cheapests, love the blog. Would also be great to see a price comparison website, complete transparency would drive prices down more.