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Breakfast in Bed from The Cake Cafe

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Last Saturday’s Irish Times magazine had a small piece on an innovative new service from Dublin’s Cake Cafe: breakfast in bed delivered to your house.  The delivery costs €3.50 and they will deliver by bicycle to Dublin 2 or Dublin 8.  It’s a bit of a pre-recession style indulgence, but for an occasional treat it could be really lovely.

The food in the Cake Cafe is excellent.  I once had a completely perfect lunch there of grilled sardines on sourdough bread with a glass of iced ginger beer.  I still think about it longingly from time to time.  It’s also one of Dublin’s prettiest and cosiest spaces (it does fill up very quickly, unfortunately).  I was mildly surprised to see that we haven’t yet reviewed the Cake Cafe here on CheapEats, and will make sure we do so soon.

The Cake Cafe is between Pleasants Place and Camden St in Dublin 2.


  1. You probably haven’t reviewed the Cake Cafe on Cheat Eats because it isn’t cheap!

  2. Very true kathryn- lovely food but definitely not cheap..more of a treat place I think!

  3. 4.25 for a slice of cake? 2.45 for ONE scone??? wow!

  4. And I thought Nash 19 in Cork was pricey!