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O’Brien’s sandwich shops in liquidation reports today that the O’Brien’s chain of sandwich shops are going into liquidation.  They blame the economic downturn and high rents for their falling profits. I blame their overpriced sandwiches and expensive coffees.  Either way, it’s a shame to see that it’s come to this – more lost jobs and boarded-up shops.

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  1. Who needs O’Brien’s anyway? Pity about their workers who probably weren’t paid all that much for their labours.

    MYO is the answer to the lunchtime dilemma. How hard is it to slap a bit of filling between 2 slices of bread.

    Failing that a plain pitta bread or 2 and some soup (homemade for preference).

    If all else fails last night’s leftovers reheated.

  2. I find bringing my lunch to work INCREDIBLY depressing. I genuinely look forward to deciding where I’m going to go and what I’m going to have. Making a sandwich or pita is easy, but I don’t fancy it. Didn’t go to O’Briens much, not a fan of thick bread, but it’s a shame to see it go. I don’t think they’re sandwiches are any more expensive than other places near my work in Dublin 2.

  3. I can’t bring my own lunch to work because we have no fridge (or rather, the fridge doesn’t work, I had to throw a couple of lunches and I no longer use it). When I’m fed up of eating tinned soups (yuuuuk) and salads made up of tinned sweetcorn and tinned fish, I go and buy myself some lunch. I’m lucky to have a good selection of deli that offer good value (they used to be mad expensive, but have since come to their sense), a couple of asian and indian shops and a Tesco Express where I can buy fresh fruits and vegs and fresh soup for a few euros. O’Brien never realised the full extent of the economic recession, and their “offers” were just not attractive enough to keep their business afloat. Now, I feel really sorry for their staff, and hope they find another (better paid) job soon

  4. I reckon companies should always make sure their employees have a fridge, microwave & kettle to use…we’re lucky enough to have a small kitchen in work and as I need to save money these days I bring in lunch with me.
    I try to make it interesting though and bring leftovers that don’t feel like leftovers if you catch my drift! Have brought everything from falafels to pasta salads…today there’s some homemade pizza waiting for me…it’s enough to get me through the working day! 😉 Plus soup is always easy to bring in.

    It’s a real pity O’Briens is facing into these financial problems, as above all it means more people possibly becoming unemployed.

  5. I keep cereal and milk at work, some days i bring in the dinner left overs or make up tuna mayonnaise with crackerbread, eating out for lunches I used to spend about €50 a week but now i probably only spend half of that if not less. Although i have to admit that once or twice a week I will have to go out and get a TOASTED CLUB in the pub down the road……..yummy!!

  6. Feel very sorry for all the O’Briens staff, the triple decker was my favorite…

  7. Irish Liquidations have liquidated a nuber of the o’briens stores, however a lot are remaining open. The headline liquidation was of the parent company… all the stores you see around Ireland are francises and are therefore seperate financial entities. Chances are if your local o’briens is busy it will remain open!

  8. €4.50 for a Rachel Allen sandwich is not a good way to keep your business open.