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Blog Action Day 09: Climate Change

Our philosophy of food here at CheapEats is about value, and we mean that in more than one way.  Value to us means well-priced food, but it also means food that has value: fair trade, local and environmentally friendly.  Today is Blog Action Day, a yearly event where bloggers are asked to all write about a particular social issue in order to help raise awareness.

This year’s theme is Climate Change, and we have a number of suggestions how you can make a difference in a small and simple way:

  • Always check where your fruit and veg come from, and buy the ones with the smallest amount of airmiles.  Locally produced food is the ideal.
  • While the health benefits of organic food are still not proven, organic farming is much kinder to the environment and more sustainable.  Buy organic where possible and affordable.
  • Fair Trade producers also use more sustainable farming methods, and re-invest profits into local communities.
  • Take action on climate change: sign Oxfam Ireland’s petition calling on the Irish government to ensure a fair deal at the UN global climate change negotiations at Copenhagen this December.
  • Donate. The world’s poorest people are the ones most directly affected by climate change.
  • And of course, if you have a blog, write about Climate Change for Blog Action Day! Full details at

If you’re a blogger and you’ve written about Blog Action Day, share the link in the comments below. Thanks!


  1. Hi

    Couple of points re your post

    1. Often locally produced food needs expensively warmed greenhouses as opposed to that grown in warmer climates and shipped in. Added to that the third world needs trade rather than aid.
    2. We cannot feed the world on organic food. It takes more land and labour than intensive farming. More land used for food production means less lies fallow or turned over to the environment.
    3. Fair trade can be very dictatorial in the way they “allow” 3rd world farmers to produce.
    4. The best way to preserve the world is to raise people out of absolute poverty, and the quickest and easiest way (well so far this century at least) is to allow open trade.


  2. – Climate Change made the typhoons in the south pacific very destructive. Typhoon Ketsana made a lot of mess in Philippines and Vietnam

  3. I was very pleased to read through this post.I wanted to thank you personaly for taking your time collecting all these valuable information!