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O’Brien’s Sandwich Bars bought out by Abrakebabra

We posted here recently about the news that O’Brien’s Sandwich Bars had gone into liquidation. Yesterday, the Irish Times reported that the company has been acquired, so the sandwich shops may be rescued after all.  Abrakebabra Investments Limited has bought the O’Brien’s brand, and they already control Abrakebabra, the Bagel Factory and Gourmet Burger Kitchen franchises in Ireland.   Let’s hope all 450 jobs are saved, and that the O’Brien’s prices are revamped to be more in tune with the times.


  1. Great news for the staff. I saw a special in OBriens today, a toasted chicken ciabatta for the bargain price of €6.95! That was a rip off even when we were all millionaires.

  2. They still don’t get it, do they?

  3. I went to their website to check out Rachel Allens’ sandwich range (and to have a look at the price point) and all I got was this.