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€5 Meal Deals at Centra

centra_logoI have a general lack of enthusiasm for convenience stores – more of which next week – but there are some noteworthy deals at both Centra and Londis. Spar and Mace lag miles behind.

As a former rural dweller, I know all too well that the convenience store often ends up as your only option for dinner. Centra have a dinner for two meal deal on at the moment: Moy Park chicken kievs, Centra baby potatoes, Centra asparagus, and Centra babycorn for €5. Not the shabbiest. You can also pick up a lasagna and wedges for €4, or a tea/ coffee with a Cadbury Dairy Milk for just €2. These offers are valid until October 31, although they’re not currently listed on Centra’s website.

Over in Londis, there’s some decent reductions on Halloween booze and a rather unpleasant looking meal deal: those preformed chicken strips with Uncle Ben’s rice and a Sharwood’s sauce for €5.

Spar’s insulting “offers” can be found here, while Mace have a jumbo sausage roll, twisty fries, and bottle of water for €2.


  1. Moy Park chicken kievs, oooh the heartburn. Has anyone else noticed their local Spar is starting to look like a sown market discounters? You cant move in my local one for pallets of toilet paper and capri sun.

  2. Yeah, not really a fan myself of those kievs. I think that unless its a breast it’s rather gross: lots of reformed chewy minced chicken. But some might like them! 🙂

  3. I’m with you on the Kievs, but it’s good to see a convenience shop meal deal including fresh veg instead of processed crap. Asparagus, baby corn and new potatoes are all very nice sides.