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Special Offers at Lidl

Lidl Logo1. Some great traditional Halloween fare at Lidl this week, including:

  • “Half price” pumpkins – 49c per kilo
  • Irwin’s Barm Brack –  99c
  • Roasted Peanuts (500g) – 99c

The pumpkins are cheap, and that’s to be applauded, so I mean this as a very mild criticism: how can something that’s only in the store for half a week be half-price? Click here to see all the weekly food offers, also including cheap booze and toilet roll.

Remember, new set of weekly food offers every Monday.

2. Are Lidl leading the Christmas onslaught?  Personally, I wish they’d let us through Hallowe’en first.

This Thursday October 29, you’ll get the annual unnecessary plastic and paper overload alongside:

  • Rolling Pin – €6.99
  • Silicone Muffin Baking Cases – €1.99
  • Ladies Quilted Jacket – €16.99

Click here to see all Thursday’s specials.

2. Next Monday, the Christmas assault continues with more candles, a climbing Santa, and their greatest and most unstoppable weapon: fairy lights. Also, children’s toys and clothes, which might be a bit more useful. Click here for all Monday’s specials.

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