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Product Review: Cully and Sully’s Hot Pots

Cully and Sully's beef hot potWednesday was a looooooooong day: starting work at 9am, finishing at 9pm, and only a manky, overpriced roll from Spar in Clonskeagh for sustenance.

By the time I left work, I was exhausted. To make matters worse, I knew that I was going to home to an empty fridge.

No way was I cooking, so I swung by Superquinn in Ranelagh to pick some comfort food: up a whole chicken, soup, and bread. But the deli was closed, so after much procrastination, I stumbled on a tub of Cully and Sully’s Beef Stew, made with Irish beef, red wine and gubbeen bacon (400g). It’s one of a new range of comforting hot pots which also includes chicken casserrole and Irish lamb stew.

I’m surprised that I had never eaten a Cully and Sully product before, but I’ll definitely be going back for more. I can’t praise it enough. This stew was a substantial portion of a delicious, comforting dinner packed full of meat and veg – and it was only €3.99. When you think how much you’d normally pay for a takeaway – or €4.20 for a crappy roll – this is one of the best bargains I’ve seen in ages.

I had it with some tasty shop bought mash from Mash Direct (€2.29, and I was feeling very lazy), curled up on the couch, and felt the warmth go back into my bones. Cully and Sully’s hot pots are Irish produced and I cannot recommend them enough for these cold days.


  1. Cully is Cullen Allen of the Ballymaloe Allens. We tried the Cully and Sully Chicken Curry Hot Pot there a little whole ago, Tesco were selling them for €3. Although it was tasty and moreish I found there was very little chicken and not to be crass, the combination of chickpeas and sweetcorn in the sauce made for a very windy evening 😮

  2. I’ve tried one of the the cully and sully soups – it was very nice, definitely a cut about the other fresh soups on the market, though not a substitute for home made.

  3. I had the Cully and Sully Chicken Casserole on special offer from Superquinn. It was lovely and filling and perfect for something different to the normal lunchtime stuff.

  4. I love their stuff, but its quite fatty.

  5. Not at all, Claire. The Hotpots contain very little fats, though they are very filling. I love their soups too, the minted peas is a winner

  6. The cully and sully, chicken and veg soup is fantastic. Good for two days lunch with a crispy roll. nom nom

  7. i’m not a fan of their soups to be honest but may try the hotpot now that i’ve read such praise.

  8. Sorry, I didn’t mean the hot pots in particular.

  9. i love their soups, usually good for 2 days lunch! i find its the closest to home made soup on the market! white winter veg is my fav

  10. Got one of the stews for €3 from Dunnes Blackpool, Cork. Looking forward to giving it a go.

  11. Seems to be 99c – 25% – cheaper in Tesco and Dunnes than Superquinn.

  12. I tried the Irish Stew one recently, and was planning on writing about – you beat me to it Peter! It was really good, especially for the low price. It was maybe a tiny bit too salty, but otherwise was of really high quality.

  13. The hot pots are yummy!!! And were on offer last week in Superquinn for €3……. I think the chicken one is my fav……!!! Yum yum, might have one for lunch

  14. The Cully & Sully Hot Pots are great. I love them all especially the Irish Stew and the chicken casserole and at €3.99 I think they are a bargain.. Their soups and pies are great too.. At least someone is catering to the needs of us busy workers with good quality food..
    Keep up the good work is what I say…

  15. Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your yummy comments. We really appreciate the feedback and am delighted that ‘most’ of you like our stuff. We’ve just launched the hot pots- all Irish ingredients- the bacon in the beef stew comes from Fingal Fergusan in Gubbeen, West Cork and to be honest we were surprised by how low fat they are. The Irish Stew is only 1.8g fat/100g. They were really tricky recipes to get right, as Irish Stew means so many different things to different people and of course curry means sooo soooooo many different things.


  16. Dear Cullen Allen
    Over the last year or so I have had occasion to purchase a number of your products and agree they have been
    as good or indeed often better than similar products from other suppliers. However subsequent to reading the article “Pots of flavour”
    in the current Irish Times magazine section I purchased and consumed two of your products “Beef Stew” with sell by date Nov 7th.
    This product was in no way comparable to many of your other offers and accordingly I decided to write to you in respect of this.
    On the assunmption that the product was correctly titled then I feel it fell far short of my expectation.
    There was very little evidence of the beef content in solid form although the liquid element may well have reflected this.
    To my mind the “Beef Stew” would have been more correctly described as a vegetable dish and would not have caused any
    problems to a vegetarian.
    I would be interested to know if others have had the same experience or is it just that my taste buds have suddenly gone dormant.

  17. Haven’t tried the beef stew but the Irish stew had plenty of meat chunks in it

  18. Not my experience either, I thought it was a very generous amount of meat. Maybe there was a problem with this packet or the batch?