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  1. Wow – are you following me? I had the baked beans at Cake for lunch last week. They are delicious, especially when served with all that thick buttery bread. My only complaint would be that the tomato sauce needed some salt but otherwise delicious.

  2. Mmmmmmm good tip. But can you get them without sausage? Also, Jean and Peter. I love this blog. LOVE IT. I’ve been popping in most days for months now. Can I make one teeeeney tiny suggestion- either get a better camera or bring me along to your dining experiences/recipe successes. The pics you have on here just don’t do the food justice!

  3. Is there anywhere else in Dublin remotely as nice as the Cake Cafe?

  4. I love it. Best loo in Dublin too btw.

  5. Love love love the hot lemon, ginger & honey drink from here. Best thing for you if you are feeling under the weather or just want some comfort.
    Staff are far from chilled out though and always forget at least one thing from my order.
    Such a pity because I love supporting local businesses.

  6. Hi Finn. Thanks for the constructive criticism. I’m the first to admit that my food photo skills leave a lot to be desired! I think it’s time for a food photography course.

    I also need a better camera phone as I’m not going to carry a camera with me when I’m out and about.