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Coffee offers in Insomnia

Insomnia coffee offersI very rarely cross the doors of the coffee chains: Insomnia, Starbuck’s, Cafe Java, Cafe Sol, and the rest. I’m rarely inclined to buy coffee, I prefer to support the independent outlets, and I think the food in most of these places, especially the sandwiches, are always profoundly disappointing.

Last Saturday afternoon, howcver, I found myself on Upper Baggot Street after a very enjoyable walk along the canal. Upper Baggot Street is a little bit unsettling outside office hours: it’s quite empty and there’s an unpleasant feeling that all the shop, cafe, and bar staff are just waiting for the (ever-diminishing) crowd of office workers to return.

My friend Marc and I wanted a coffee, but a lot of places were closed, so we drifted into Insomnia. My latte was lovely and generous: sweet and nutty as coffee should be. But it was the special offers that really struck us, especially the muffin or cupcake with any hot beverage for €3.50. Order a large coffee and you’ll be saving at least €1.50. Or look at it like this: upgrade your coffee and get a muffin for 60c. Sadly I can’t comment on the cake quality: I felt giddy with the shininess of Christmas so got a mince pie for €1.25 instead.

Have you found any good coffee offers lately?


  1. Em, thats not great value at all. You can get a coffee and homemade bun for €2.50 in most places in Cork. And dont get me started on the “pannini offer.”

  2. I won’t comment on the other offers, but I reckon €3.50 is pretty decent, as you can get a very large coffee for this price, and I’ve never seen decent cakes for any less than €2. Plus we’re in Dublin, not Cork!

  3. Location is no excuse at all; the prices in Insomnia are the same countrywide. I have to admit though, their lattes are lovely and creamy.

  4. It’s quite a good offer for Dublin prices, but who would want a cupcake or muffin for breakfast? I much prefer Café Sol’s offer of a home made scone or pastry (i.e. croissant or danish) with any coffee for the same price.
    The Rhubarb Café has a 3 euro offer for coffee and home made scone (gorgeous ones with that)

  5. I love the insomnia hot chocolate, well, in some branches it’s better than others. coffee is good too. the chocolate muffins are good, but the cupcakes are a bit overrrated

  6. Peter’s completely right, €3.50 is a decent offer by the standards of Dublin cafes.

  7. I agree that these offers are great – and €5 is exactly what we should expect to pay for the likes of a sambo and a hot drink. And I love their double choc chip muffin if i’m feeling bold. But Cafe Sol are doing a great price (not a deal or promotion) of simple sambos for €1.50 – like tuno mayo or ham. And wonderful paninis for only €2.75 – blt, smoked salmon (nyom). And their ‘home’ soup (usually tomato and basil) for only €1.50/2.00. Excellent prices for a very cheap and cheerful lunch.

  8. Some of those Insomnia offers don’t contribute towards their loyalty card scheme, which I think is shabby. Can’t read the fine print on the bottom of your picture though.

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