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Naked Lunch

Stripped down soupWhen I buy myself lunch in town now, it is usually because I’ve been very disorganised in the morning and not had a ton of porridge or made myself a healthy, nutritious packed lunch. This happens to me all the time, because while my intentions are recessionarily pure, the reality is a frantic mess punctuated by food and takeaway coffees on the run.

I met Peter for lunch the other day in Nude on Suffolk St. I had Chunky Vegetable soup, though I dearly wanted something more substantial. I am not a soup person, but I am willing to embrace all soups across the nation, and recognise their inherent goodness – if they are made properly. It’s very easy to make a good soup, and apart from the best stock base you can find, generosity of ingredients is the key. That is, put things in your soup.

potatoNude’s Chunky Vegetable Soup cost €5.25, and maybe it’s because I never buy soup out, but I was shocked. I nearly launched into an elderly lady-style rant about how disgraceful it all was, but the staff at Nude are lovely, so I didn’t. The soup was really just a big bowl of hot water with a few teensy carrots, bits of forlorn celery and onion floating in it, and copious amounts of parsley thrown over to hide the soup’s shame. Result: I was hungry all afternoon, and I felt guilty for spending so much money when I should have obviously whipped up my own delicious homemade soup the night before.

Peter had a filled baked potato, which was €3.95. Now why didn’t I spot that on the menu? This was much better value, a substantial feed for a fairish price (we are in the city centre after all). So what though? Baked potato schmato – they are the easiest things in the world to bang up to a decent profit. Just like soup.


  1. I didn’t give Nude a particularly good review on LunchBlock either:

  2. I guess it wouldn’t be quite so bad except that it was called “Chunky” vegetable soup.

    I mean, sometimes a minimalistic bowl of clear broth is good, but not when you’re expecting “chunky”.

  3. I visited with a friend recently under the advice of another based on past experience of the ‘good value and decent food’ ……which I found not to be the case!

    A chicken pepper wrap was around 6euro and was pretty tasteless with minimal chicken. It was also a tiny size.

    My friend had a thai green chicken curry, 9 euro. It was only okay, more like a soup than a curry with very little veg and what veg was there was mushy from constant heating.

    The baked potato was appealing at just under 4 euro but when I looked at it coming from the kitchen, the topping was unbelievably small! Basically a spud, a spoon of topping and a small handful salad. Now I’m a small girl but jaysus, you would be starving after it!

    Overall…bad, and bad value!!

  4. I’m visiting Ireland in early July, and wonder what is a baked potato schmato. Looks like the inside of an egg sandwich on top of the potato. Do you have a recipe?