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Christmas Bargains: Share them all here

Happy Christmas!Christmas dinner, tins of sweets, lots of cheese, Christmas TV, shiny wrapped presents, boxes of crisps and biscuits, the post-meal walk: it’s that time of year again.

I’ll be going to my parents for Christmas dinner as usual, and as usual I’ll spend the day topping up the hot ports and arguing over TV by the fire while they prepare a feast: three types of meat, three types of potato, no less than ten different vegetables, stuffing, Yorkshire puddings.

But for the other days, I’ve been stocking up in Marks and Spencer and getting the best bargains in the supermarkets. So much goodies, whether it’s the Yorkshire puddings, boxes of sweets, or even the honey roast parsnips.

jacobs biscuitsI’ve particularly enjoyed a box of Jacob’s Elite Chocolate biscuits that winged my way: every house should be stocked with biscuits and nibbles during the festive season. Chocolates and cheese are essential, they should be lying around the house all day, ideally in different locations so that you’re constantly surprised by more food in every corner. When else do you have an excuse to eat, eat, eat, as much as you like?

That’s it for us this Christmas, and indeed for this year. We may post occasionally between now and January 4, 2010. We’ve really enjoyed our first year of blogging and hope you’ve found the site informative and entertaining. Whatever your personal circumstances, we hope you find joy and happiness this Christmas.

In the meantime, over to you. How will you spend Christmas? Have you seen any pre-Christmas or post-Christmas bargains on food, drink, and household goods? Join in our Christmas conservation here.


  1. Not a bargain as such but just got my spiced beef in FX Buckley’s Butchers in Moore St, and was really impressed with the range of stuff they have on offer, how well stocked they are, and how helpful and nice the staff are.

  2. +1 for FX Buckleys – I go to Moore St but more often to Talbot street – the staff are brilliant, the meat really good quality and generally very good value. Last new years eve I got a free range chicken for €10. Buying my ham there tomorrow.

    Well done on the first year blogging Jean and Peter – it’s a great job. Enjoy the festivities!

  3. Dunnes have cut the price of their Christmas meat. Thanks for the blog, I love it I do! 😀

  4. Was in town one evening last week with my daughter and we were both starving. Decided to try SUPERMACS Soup/Sambo deal. Got 2 big bowls of thick, spicy tomato soup and 2 toasted ham and cheese sandwiches on thick slices of bread for 5.25e each. Really good value and very filling.

  5. Now if I could find a blog that said when the sales are starting in Galway (especially for clothes), I would really appreciate!
    Dunnes Stores website is not very helpful and Lifestyle Sports has started their sale on December 27th; apart from that, I’m in the dark. I really wish Irish retailers’ websites were a bit more professional.
    Big hint for anyone who is in the know!

  6. Sophie, from what Ive seen in Cork anyway, the sales are awful. Some shops are claiming to have a sale, but are reselling the same crap from summer with nothing from autumn winter reduced. Awear and Brown Thomas Im looking at you!

  7. Was at Next sale yesterday, and got lovely pair of jeans for 15e instead of 30, so I was happy!

  8. Brown Thomas are selling Nine West shoes in the sale. BTs haven’t stocked Nine West since the summer!