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Special Buys at Aldi

aldi-super6Aldi’s Super6 offer keeps getting better and better. This week, you can pick up a selection of fruit and veg for a surely unbeatable 39c – including three lemons, or six kiwis, or 1kg of carrots. Click here for more details.

Have you seen cheaper fruit and veg anywhere else? And more important, are they good quality?

Meanwhile, this Thursday’s specials include:

  • Three drawer set – €5.99
  • Wood and laminate spray and mop – €1.99

Click here to see them all.


  1. 2 euro for a big bunch of carrots or parsnips at Abbeyelix market on Saturday mornings, lepping fresh and full of flavour. Great turnips and cabbage too.

  2. I bought fruits and vegs from Aldi and Lidl a couple of times, and must say they are disappointing most of the times. Mangoes are very fibrous, apples tasteless, strawberries very bland (I only buy Irish ones and in season, but still….). They may be cheap, but if you end up throwing out half of them, this proves costly

  3. I find their super 6 fantasic value every month. I never have a problem with any of their veg and I got apples once that tasted like they were picked straight from my grannys apple trees – full of flavour. And their pears are very tasty – once you catch them at their ‘ripe’ moment. I mean 39c is such fantastic value. Throw the potatos, carrots and cabbage into a pot with vegetable stock and herbs/spices, boil for half an hour and you have beautiful homemade soup – enough to fill a whole family. All for only €1.17.