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Carluccio’s in Dublin to close

carluccios-closedNews just came in via @lunchblock on Twitter that Carluccio’s have closed their Dublin branch.  I thought their meal deal (€12 for a starter, pasta and a coffee) was one of the best around, although people left mixed reports here previously on their service.  The notice in their window suggests that high rents were the issue, and this definitely seems to be a problem for many in the sector.

Will you miss Carluccio’s?


  1. There are parts of this city where rent are not too expensive I think it is time that these people should collectively consider moving.

  2. Good point, I wonder how much the tenants are getting together to protest against this crippling rents. Somebody needs to tell the landlords that the party’s over. Their behaviour is typical of the short-sighted money grubbing that characterised the worst excesses of the boom years (I can’t say Smeltic Liger): they’ll figure it out when they have no tenants at all. Sad to see Carluccio’s go as it is with any business, this was a decent restaurant

  3. I’ll miss Carluccio’s desperately. This was our go-to place in City Center.

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  5. I wasn’t keen on their paninis, but the focaccia was excellent. And the service at the deli counter was very good. I’m sorry for their staff

  6. In terms of rent, I am sure they signed a contract, and thats that. The landlord may be getting hammered by the banks and so cant pay his mortgage. But thats why restaurants should vote with their feet and move to lower rent places. Its a bit like throwing toys out of the pram to completely leave the country. Move to a cheaper place and save the 60 jobs. The restaurant was distinctly average. Plastic Italian restaurants like this will be a victim of the slump, fingers crossed.

  7. Their hot chocolate was indeed excellent and I shall miss it as a treat…unfortunately the one evening meal I had there fell short in a number of areas. A shame as the deli counter and shop area was lovely and looked so appetising.

  8. Their breakfast was distinctly poor too…

    I agree with some of the other posts, rather than just closing, why didn’t they attempt to move premises to a site with lower rent?

  9. Damn, I have a €50 voucher for there that I never got to use.

  10. I am a restaurant owner and can tell all of you above that it is easy to just ask why don’t they move: the reality is that most of us are tied into crippling leases that we cannot get out of, that nobody can buy and have no option but to try to survive .

    We also have huge rates, insurance, public liability, etc, not to mention the usual overheads. Unfortunately we have to count all these into the cost of the food on your plate – it’s not easy for anyone to survive with these circumstances. There are plenty of people would gladly give away their businesses if you took over their lease (and don’t forget the landlord has to agree to them too)!!

    As company directors we are not entitled into any dole or social services help once our business is gone.

    I hope this gives some insight into what’s going on from our end. Keep going out and support the places you like otherwise they will be gone!

  11. That’s a pity, really liked their deli offer of soup and sambo for €7. Re-open soon please!

  12. I passed it today and it was reopen. They got their rent reduction after all. Even tho I wasn’t a fan, i’ve gone for breakfast twice and was disappointed – two strikes are your out. But i’m glad they are staying open and keeping 60 people in jobs.