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Pizzas and pitchers in Sober Lane, Cork

cat-jimmy-pizza-sobre-lane1Sometimes, a deal is so good that the only response is for everybody to sit back and nod your head. See, you’re such a genius for finding it, that you don’t even need to speak.

That’s how I felt last weekend in Cork, when I visited my friends Cat and Jimmy (pictured) and spent a lovely, quite unsobre afternoon in the Sober Lane pub on Sullivan’s quay. When we got there, my excessive procrastination – where will I eat in Cork? – had brought the three of us to the stage of grumpy hunger.

We spotted some fresh crepes being made just inside the window, and found a great deal on the menu: a pitcher of any beer (that’s three pints) with any pizza for just €20. The most expensive pizza on the menu is €11, so you’re getting more than a free pint here.

We had low hopes for the pizza but this was great: really fresh and tasty toppings and a gorgeous, thin crust. I would have liked a tiny but more Serrano ham on our Serrano ham, parmesan and rocket pizza, but it didn’t suffer at all.

The three of us had two slices of pizza each and then decided to get some more food. What followed was equally impressive- a portion of chicken wings (€4), incredibly tasty parsnip crisps with curry salt (€2), and really fluffy and crispy potato wedges cut in big chunks and served with dips (€3). Generous portions, and everything clearly freshly cut, prepared and cooked to order.

We stayed all afternoon, and our total bill for a forgotten and lost amount of drinks, with all this food, came to just €54. God I love Cork. Dublin, take note.

Cat tells me that Sober Lane is usually lovely, but can get insanely busy on big match days. No wonder. Sober Lane is doing exactly what pubs should be doing: diversifying their menus and offering great deals and great food to get the punters in.


  1. Yep, to be avoided when packed, but wonderful otherwise. The owner is particularly lovely. The pizza is always good, we used to get two or three on a tablequiz night and they’d be savaged in no time

  2. Drink, Great Food and always great compnay
    Plus the added bonus of the new puppy Peg!
    You couldn’t ask for more really!

  3. Good pub, with lots to offer, nice staff and friendly easy going atmosphere.

  4. Undoubtedly the best bar in Cork…..
    Food priced competitively as well as being ridiculously tasty!
    Also helps that the guys behind the bar are quite nice to look at 🙂