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Special offers at Lidl

fairtrade-fortnightWeekly food offers at Lidl include:

  • New season potatoes (2kg) – half price – now €1.49
  • Utterly Butterly – reduced from €1.49 to €1
  • Hovis Best of Both bread – reduced from €1.49 to €1

There’s a new set of weekly food offers every Monday. Click here to see them all.

You’ll find even more specials at Lidl this Saturday, with the Super Saturday offer including reduced price cheese, turkey breast, Walker’s crisps, and apple juice.

With the spring here, Lidl’s special buys this week include garden furniture and equipment: click here for details. From next Monday, special buys include golf equipment, clothes, and household items: click here for details.

If you’re interested in trying or stocking up on Polish food, there’s a sale from March 1, including beers, cakes, juices, pickles, and pierogi, a stuffed Polish dumpling. My friends Cat and Jimmy live just beside a Polish shop in Cork and are big pierogi fans, although I found them a bit heavy for my liking. Click here to see Lidl’s Polish selection.

Finally, it’s FairTrade fortnight, and it’s great to see Lidl supporting it with a range of cut price Fairtrade products, including bananas, chocolate, orange juice, sugar, and coffee. Click here for details.


  1. Any chance of a post about Polish food? I love the look of the dumplings, but have no idea what to do with them except put them in tomato sauce.

  2. Hi Claire, working on it! Personally not a big fan, I spent a few weeks in Poland years ago and the food wasn’t for me. Just an opinion!

  3. Claire, cook them in boiling water, then pan-fry them in butter. I ate them this way in Varsaw and that was lovely

  4. Is that it nanazolie, no accompaniment? I’ll try that at the weekend so, thank you.

  5. Claire,

    We ate them with sauteed onions, crisp bacon bits, grated cheddar cheese, sour cream when I was a kid.

    Delicious, and a cheap and cheerful meal.