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Pie justice at M&S

super-pieRegular readers will know that we’re big fans of M&S’s fantastic dine in for two offer. Yesterday, I picked up the main, side, dessert, and bottle of wine for just €12.50, a saving of €12.96.

My dinner, the Cook Menu Chicken and Wiltshire Ham Pie, wasn’t the nicest meal I’ve ever had in M&S. No, it was one of the nicest meals I’ve ever had in my life, and certainly the best ready meal I’ve ever eaten. Now, I’d had a hankering for a good pastry-topped chicken pie for quite a while, but this really exceeded expectations: lots of creamy white wine sauce, perfectly textured and flavoured pastry, and a generous filling. It went down a treat with M&S Ultimate Mash, which I topped with more butter, and some plain steamed broccoli. There was only one thing for it: go back to M&S for another pie.

I followed up with the lemon tart. This was so good that, on my second trip to M&S, I strolled right past those slutty Melting Middle Chocolate Puddings. They were practically throwing themselves at me; it was embarrassing.

Have you tried anything from M&S this weekend? Quick: before it ends, any recommendations?

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  1. A bit late I know but I tried the pork medallions and they were really good! We had it with the house salad and a cheese selection (its lent…) and also got a bottle of wine that we didn’t open yet.

    Any other good recommendations on the food or wine – I’m guessing there will be another offer in 2 weeks for Mothers Day ! The wine for the valentines day offer was good value, I had a sancerre that is normally 15 euro – though I wouldn’t pay full price for it (there are better sancerres out there for near enough to 15 euro but it was good value at 20 for it and the meal).