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Takeaway review: Bombay Pantry



For ages now, people have been telling me to try out The Bombay Pantry, an Indian takeaway with seven branches around Dublin.

So finally! I picked up a takeaway for four. Against our better judgment, we got some rather misguided Spicy fish cakes (€4.95) to start. After one bite each we threw them to the cat. Not surprisingly, she snubbed them.

The rest of the meal was much, much better. The chicken korma (€8.50), with an amazingly well-balanced and delicate sauce, was perfect for my friend Cat. The murg chutney(€8.50) – a hot, sweet and sour chicken dish cooked with mango, chutney, ginger, black pepper and yogurt, and garnished with cashews and almonds – was a real mouth sensation, and I can’t imagine how they could possibly have improved this dish. The naan,  a side that’s surprisingly easy to mess up, was hot, fresh, and light. The total cost for one starter, four mains, and three sides was just €43.80.

Bombay Pantry has deservedly built up a great reputation. Most of the meals are around the €8 mark, which is great value for one of the very best Indian eateries in the country. There’s always a new special on the menu and lots of great value deals:

  • Choice of selected main with rice and naan – €8
  • Value deal for two – €22.50
  • Set menu for two – starters, mains, and sides – €28
  • Set menu for four – starters, mains and sides – €54/ €62
  • Family meal deal – 4-5 persons – €39.50

If you haven’t already tried it out, give it a go!


  1. Definitely the best Indian takeaway I’ve ever had in Dublin. That’s brilliant that they’re doing deals now, it used to be a good bit pricier. Next time, get the Chicken Karahi – it’s a Pakistani dish and one of their specialities, and is so good…

  2. And the Prawn Bhuna is hard to beat, if a little pricier…

  3. Namaste India in Stoneybatter does a whopper prawn bhuna. Oh god it’s delish.

  4. I went here only last night. My only complaint is that the food always seems to be cold. I picked it up last night rather than getting it delivered to see if that made a difference. Still luke warm. The Naan was stone cold. Maybe it’s just the one in Rathfarnham though. My favorite India takeaway is Indian Spice in Greystones, only problem is it’s in Greystones!!!

  5. Ooh, I really want to try the Bombay Pantry! They appear to have nice veggie options and I love how on the website it marks the vegan options too – that’s unusual for Ireland! Would be worried about the possiblity of lukewarm food though!

  6. Thanks for the tip! We tried this out on the weekend and were very pleased with what we got. Yummy food for a good price.

  7. Tried ordering it thro on their website for rathfarnham. didnt seem to get a proper order completion page – so my wife rang them to see whether the order went thro ok. she was told that they didnt know and to call back when they were less busy as someone was using the other terminal(!!) . She rang back again to cancel it, and was then told “hang on, i’ll check your order…it came thro ok. It’ll be there soon”.

    1 1/2 later we rang – they had no record of the order. Nice night in ruined!!Not the first time we have had poor service from them..but we defintely wont be going back.

  8. hi there try Indian in sallynoggin.they do really nice real Indian food aswell. it has been there for 10 yrs . i didn’t know its there until I went there with one of my fren. the food was absolutly delicious n fresh n the naan bread was so fresh that evn when I reached home I open my meal was like I just took it out of the clay ovenn.
    You sshd try it to see………………………………..wht i mean

  9. I was appalled with my experience with Bombay Pantry before Xmas. I am a regular customer and used to order food at least weekly from Rathmines. On 10/12/10 I placed an order and was advised it would take 15 mins. 45 mins later it had not arrived so i rang to enquire. The staff member i spoke to advised it was on its way. When it finally arrived 1 hour after ordering the curry was ice cold, the naan bread was half eaten and torn apart and the poddadums were broken into crumbs. when i rang to complain the staff member offered to send another meal as soon as possible i explained i required the meal within 15 mins as i had already waited an hour and was horrified by the condition the food arrived in. I was then advised that this was because my order had been delivered to the wrong address in error so the driver had collected it from someone who had clearly mauled the food and began to eat it and delivered it onwards to me. i still feel sick at the thoughts of such hygiene levels and wonder how often this had happened in previous orders. After becoming quite irate the staff member said he would send a meal out immediately. Approx 25 mins later another orde of cold food arrived and the driver seemed reluctant to take the other order of food away. I never had any response from management regarding my complaint over the phone that night and also i submitted a written complaint through the feedback section of their website. I was a true fan of Bombay Pantry until I discovered their lack of consideration for both hygiene and customer service. I sent a follow up enquiry via their website several weeks later and needless to say heard nothing back. There seems to be no value placed on repeat business/customer experience.