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Special offers at Tesco

tescoirelandSpecial offers this week at Tesco include:

  • Bacon, cabbage and potatoes – all half price
  • Cadbury Roses/ Milk Tray and Terry’s All Gold – all half price
  • Blueberries, strawberries, grapes, and blackberries – all reduced by 33%

Tesco’s special offer leaflet – which may have fallen out of your newspaper this weekend – provides a comprehensive overview of all their current specials, which are valid until Sunday April 14. You can view it online here.

In fairness, there’s a lot on offer there at the moment, although I’m always slightly suspicious of Tesco: sometimes the prices are quietly raised before they fall for promotional offers. Still, if you make your shopping list and put on your blinkers – only buy the specials – you just might beat this retail giant.

Have you ever got one-up on Tesco?


  1. I dont think it’s possible to get one up on Tesco!!
    I went into my local Tesco in Rathmines – and 80% of those offers are not available including the dine in for two offer. It says that it is only available in selected stores and I can personally vouch that this does not include Rathmines, Baggot Street Upper, Baggot Street Lower stores or Camden Street. So where those of us living in the south city are supposed to go for bargains – is any ones guess.

  2. Rob, this is because southsiders are very rich and don’t need bargains 🙂
    In fairness to Tesco (and it hurts me to say this!), all supermarkets use this tactic, not only them. But, agreed, this is not right

  3. Yes – I get that and I understand that they are not going to run those offers in smaller stores but Rathmines is a large store. Does anyone know which stores in the city centre actually run the offers that Tesco alleges are on offer!

  4. Rathmines is a terrible Tesco, though, even by their standards. The fruit and veg tend to be awful, and I’m not surprised they don’t offer most of the specials there. You could get the 14A to Dundrum to go to the Tesco there, but I know it’s far from ideal.

  5. Yes indeed!! My daughter in law bought a wollwn three quarter length in Carrick on Shannon Tesco. It was priced wrongly at the till compared to the shelf. Plastered over their walls is their policy that says you get it for free if this happens. She did, but only after politely insisting several times and pointing to the giant policy notices. You can get one over on them if you’re prepared to be politely firm and ensure that they follow their posted policies!!

  6. Niall, fair play to your daughter in law…. I am too shy to ask for the “no quibble policy” to be applied when I get overcharged. Usually, they just refund me the difference, when they really should give me the item for free.