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M&S Mother’s Day Dinner Competition Winners

restaurant_ms-grafton-st-001561This week, Marks & Spencer generously provided us with three delicious meals for four this Mother’s Day in the Marks & Spencer Rooftop restaurant on Grafton Street, to raffle off to our readers.

And the lucky winners are:

True Random Number Service

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

66  114  68

Timestamp: 2010-03-12 12:04:02 UTC

Congratulations, Jo-Jo, Josephine and Steve – you’ll each be treating your mammy and two others to a lovely meal this Sunday!

Big thanks to all of you who entered, and special thanks to Marks & Spencer for sponsoring this giveaway.


  1. Curses, 68 was drawn, and mine was 86! I suspect that there was an error in the random generation as a thoroughly fair generator would not have drawn 2 numbers so close together, i.e. 66 and 68.

    But enough of my nerd rant, congrats to the winners c:

  2. I think I won?
    But I’m not sure?
    How do I know??

  3. @Jo-jo
    Yes, it was you, your comment was No. 66 on the competition page and there was only one Jo-jo so it must’ve been you 😛

  4. Thanks james – do you think I’ll get an email with details or just turn up on Sunday???

  5. You should have gotten an e-mail already by the sounds of it, as long as you posted the correct e-mail address.

  6. I didn’t receive an email though. I think I’ll contact the site directly. Thanks James – hope I’ve won!

  7. Hi Jo-Jo and other winners – I’ve sent you all an email with details of how to claim the prize. Enjoy!

  8. Hi James (Comment 1), I can assure you the random generator is testing fine 😉 Number 68 had my name on it! Don’t worry, every morsel of the prize will be savoured and enjoyed. We are gourmets!

  9. Hey James, don’t want to get into a nerd-off here, but I don’t agree at all about the random generator – if the numbers were spread out evenly, that wouldn’t be random at all but would be a pattern. There’s no reason why two numbers that are close to each other shouldn’t come up…happens all the time in the lottery, etc.

  10. Thanks do much Jean – enjoyed a lovely meal with my mam and sisters yesterday. Sara looked after us very well. Thanks again!

  11. is the Josephine that won the mother’s day competition another person hopefully it was not me because i received no notification