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Product review: Kooky Dough

kookydoughAh, the smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through the house… you can’t beat it. But despite good intentions – and probably for the best – cakes and biscuits rarely find their way into my oven.

KookyDough, a new creation from a small Irish company, gives all the pleasure of freshly baked biscuits without the hassle of making the mix. Friends Sophie Morris and Graham Clarke have been selling the handmade cookie dough rolls at farmer’s markets around Ireland, and they’re now on sale in Superquinn’s Blackrock, Knocklyon, Lucan and Swords stores in Dublin.

The cookie dough comes in four flavours: chocolate chip, chocolate and hazelnut, triple chocolate, and white chocolate and cranberry, priced at €3.99 each. Each roll makes around 15 cookies and comes wrapped in greaseproof baking parchment which you can use to cook them on.

Superquinn sent me some samples last week. Cutting the cookies into the suggested 15 slices, I was a bit miffed; these cookies would be tiny. But after just eight minutes in the oven, they expanded into decent sized biscuits. They were delicious: quality ingredients, not overly sweet, crispy outside but soft, chewy and moist inside, with a warm butteryness oozing through. Ignoring the instruction not to eat the dough raw as it contains eggs and gluten, I took my chances; raw cookie dough just might be worth the severe health risks.

I reckon you’d easily be charged about €1 for one of these cookies in a coffee shop, so the rolls are good value. I’ve been keeping them s in the fridge and making two freshly baked cookies each day. It’s so easy. I feel like a cheating domestic God.


  1. What a nice idea! Can’t wait to try them…Good luck to the Kooky Dough people!

  2. I got the triple choc and which choc and cranberry at the weekend in Avoca, and they are AMAZING… i found that if you roll them into a ball and place them on the baking tray they they form much better “cookie” shapes!

  3. Just saw these in Avoca for €4.95! Bit steep I thought.

    Are they really worth it??

  4. I bought these from Nolan’s supermarket on Saturday – I was so excited when I saw someone had finally brought the age-old product from the States to Ireland. But at €3.99 for what only makes about 10 cookies, it’s a bit expensive! Yummy though 🙂

  5. i got some in dub there great ssssssooooo nice but I

    cant get them without driving 2 whole hours bummer

    but worth it!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @lucy, Donal Skehan has the exact recipe for these on his blog Good Mood Food. He visited the owners of Kooky Dough and they gave huim the recipe. I made them and they are fab. the recipe is available here

    The only thing is he doesnt use a food mixer but i think they work better if you do!

  7. @Lucy and ahayes, can you remember the recipe as i have the same problem to far to drive to get them. And the recipe is not on the web anymore! If u can remember the recipe could you post it here ,as the cookies are delicous!