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Guest post from Wine for €5!

Big thanks to our pal Lar Veale of, who has provided us with this guest post about a good wine for only €5 from Aldi.  I’m always on the lookout for the finest cheapest booze, so this tip is very welcome indeed.

aldi-e5-shiraz-wineBushland Reserve Shiraz – wine for a fiver from Aldi

A €5 wine may not need any more introduction than its pricetag. But when you think that almost half the price tag goes to our beloved or beleaguered government,  it’s amazing that it’s even safe to drink let along tasty. Heck, it works out around the same as many of the fancier spring waters out there.

Anyway, this is not the big blockbuster Barossa style of Shiraz, but don’t let that put you off. It’s made in the Hunter Valley area of New South Wales and what you get for your €5 is layers of chocolate and coffee with intense raspberries and strawberries topped off with some subtle black pepper spice.

For a fiver, it’s very hard to beat.

Do you have any wine recommendations from Aldi or Lidl?

Lar Veale


  1. “Do you have any wine recommendations from Aldi or Lidl?” Yep, prepare for a George Best of a hangover after two glasses of that wine. I have tried every red wine Aldi has to offer and have yet to find one that doesn’t have me calling for a priest the next day.

  2. I regularly drink wine from Aldi and Lidl and am usually fine the next day!

  3. I don’t think I’ve had any Aldi wines as yet, though I’ll happily try this one. I can also heartily recommend their Specially Selected red ale (brewed by the Carlow Brewing Company)…

  4. You’ve a stronger stomach than I do Michelle!

  5. I haven’t tried Aldi wine but bought some Lidl wine last year – a SA Chenin Blanc that was surprisingly drinkable for the price. However, having shared a bottle with a friend I woke the next morning with a dodgy head. So I get Claire’s comment and am wary of anything around 5euro a bottle!

  6. Tried this one before. its a bit nothing, but didn’t kill me i suppose. Prob worth paying a few quid extra

  7. Our budget for a bottle of wine to drink at home was a tenner until Lidl started to sell main stream brands like Rosemount. Now we only spend around €6.50 on a bottle. Even Spar have some great reasonably priced wines without having to go down the JP Chenet route. Super Valu is particularly good value.

  8. I always buy the wine from Aldi and Lidl and so far so good.I had this bushland Shiraz and thought it was fine. I stick to the new world wines though as I find their french and spanish ones a bit oakey and I don’t like that. Wine is so subjective though!

  9. Had some good quality champagne for a friend’s birthday last night. I generally find that cheap booze leads to hangovers, but have had some good cheap wines from Lidl: The Montecielo Rioja Crianza at €5.49 is one of the best value wines around.

  10. Must do Claire! Sorry for your inability to enjoy these wines 🙂

  11. I hear you Claire! I couldn’t figure out why I always felt like I was going to die after a meal in my sister-in-law’s house, until I realized that they only drink boxes of wine from Aldi/Lidl. At least it is not her cooking…

  12. I always suffer badly from Aldi/Lidl wines the following day after only 1 or 2 glasses – yet I can drink bottles of 1 or 2 euro wine in Spain without a problem! Can a wine expert explain why this is happening? What a shame as some of the Aldi/Lidl wines taste great.

  13. I don’t really understand how people can be suffering from Lidl and Aldi wines, when they stock a wide range of varieties from different countries – it’s not like all their wines are made by the same vineyards.

  14. Anne, Im exactly the same. I can drink wine all night long, but I never get past one or two glasses of Aldi wine regardless of the region. I have never tried any Lidl own brand stuff but Id be slow to do so.

  15. Yes Lidl wines are cheap and very good.

    I regularly drink wine from Lidl, two bottles at night watching a movie, and I am fine the next day!

    Price here:

    Valdepenas Reserva 1.7 euros (1.5 pounds)
    Castilla la Mancha Crianza 1.49 euros
    Valdepenas gran reserva 2.99 euros
    Jumilla crianza 1.29 euros

  16. I have drank Aldi’s Freemans Bay, Sauvignon Blanc.Its €8.49 per bottle, but very drinkable and fresh if you like SB.

    I have always felt fine after a couple of glasses. Maybe, the very cheap stuff isnt great. I havnt tried any of those.