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Food in UCD Students’ Union

Have your lunch by the UCD lake

Have your lunch by the UCD lake

The useless, miserable, careerist, pompous, self-serving boys club running UCD Students’ Union have amazingly managed to get one thing right: providing cheap food for the 20,000+ students at the university. Or should the credit go to the shop managers?

Anyway, I know it’s a bit late in the year for this, but with the exams coming up and with so many people passing through the Belfield campus, some of the deals in the Students’ Union shop beneath the library building are worth a second glance:

  • €3.99 for a sandwich or roll with a Mars or Snickers and a Capri-Sonne drink
  • €2.20 for a very large Robert Robertson Fairtrade coffee plus a muffin (€1.20 without)
  • €2.99 for soup and a breadroll with butter (after 2.30pm they’ll often throw in a second roll)

These prices compare favourably with other lunches on campus, and their soup has never disappointed me: yesterday’s tomato and basil was deliciously fresh, sweet, and creamy.

Do you have a favourite spot on the Belfield campus?

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  1. I find the food available at UCD disgusting. I have yet to have a satisfactory sandwich or soup there and usually end up having to resort to junk food to keep me going when hungry. Why do they have so many chains? O’Brien’s in Richview is daylight robbery and really unappetising…