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Special buys at Lidl

Lidl LogoOver at Lidl, special deals form a big part of their offering. But does their food offer the same value as Aldi?

Food offers

Special offers on food this week at Lidl include:

  • Braeburn apples (1kg) – half price – now 79c
  • Fillet fish fingers – 2 for €2.50
  • Irish Premium yogurts – 2 for €1

There’s a new set of special offers on food every Monday at Lidl. Click here for details.

Meanwhile, this weekend’s Super Saturday offers include some gruesome looking half price chicken kievs, even grimmer looking dogfood, and some tissue to wipe away the mess. Click here for details.

Special buys

The special buys this week at Aldi include a good selection of kitchen equipment, bathroom items, and plants. Click here for details.

Next Monday’s special buys include household cleaning items such as vacuum cleaners, mops, laundry baskets and bins. I wonder if all this gear is any cheaper than what you’d pay in Tesco or a DIY store – can anyone enlighten?

One Comment

  1. Ugh I have to say I don’t find the quality in Lidl anywhere near as good as Aldi, which is a pain because my nearest Aldi is a good 20 minute drive away while the Lidl is a bout a minute away! There’s planning permission in for an Aldi at the back of house more or less so it’s the one time I’m hoping some brown envelopes are exchanged 😉