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Oops! Soup for life

Darina Allen is supporting Gorta's Soup for Life campaign

Darina Allen is supporting Gorta's Soup for Life campaign

Sorry folks, I made a mistake. Soup for Life day falls on May 14, not today. I’ve no idea how I mixed my dates up…

Souper souper! May 14 is Gorta’s “Soup for Life” day, a global event aimed at highlighting food insecurity and famine in the world today. Gorta is asking everyone in the island of Ireland to share a bowl of soup with family, friends, and colleagues. Darina Allen is amongst the top chefs to row in with support. Why not organise a simple meal for family, friends and colleagues? You can check out our favourite Cheap Eats soup recipes here.

Gorta is also asking restaurants to help their campaign against hunger in Africa by offering a donation of €1 for every bowl of soup purchased on the day. Click here to check out Gorta’s blog.


  1. Mmmmm yum yum soup. And oh the puns ! it’s a soupstantial meal, souprisingly filling, you’re souply the best….soupreme!

  2. This is a great idea! I didn’t know anything about it, but I did have soup for lunch! It’s World Music Day today too I think.

  3. And Lilly, tomorrow is “World Record Shop Day”, honestly, what will they come up with next?

  4. Souper Lilly, Clare and Jane! Today we’re launching the SoupforLife campaign and 14th May is our national SoupforLife Day. Be sure to register with and get those delicious Darina Allen soup recipes!