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Grandma knew best…

Passing on the wisdom

Passing on the wisdom

Note that it is international Grandmother’s Day on April 25th, and for the second year running Slow Food Ireland will be celebrating in earnest. How? By celebrating those precious skills that might otherwise be lost: think, baking cakes, sewing seeds and catching fish. Grandparents, Slow Food Ireland remind us, are the “guardians of inherited wisdom,” and we must learn all we can from them whenever possible.

So, around the country this weekend there are scrumptious events, a snapshot of which follows: breadmaking, butter-churning and jam-making at St George’s Market, Belfast; baking with seaweed and gardening on a budget in Waterford; in Wicklow, the Ooooby (Out Of Our Own Backyard) store will be hosting an event to which everyone is invited – but first you have to find out from your Gran which wild foods she used in cooking, then bring along something you’ve made yourself to share the knowledge; while in Cork, Galway, Kerry and Clare, food, recipes, fun, baking and brown bread all play a part in the festivities. How wonderful! I wish my grandparents were still alive, but I’m going to go along and celebrate their legacy anyway.

For more information, visit, and while you’re there, sign up to be a member! Enjoy!

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